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My focus


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10 hours ago, F0CUE said:

This is my focus. Doesn't look much yet but will get there. Was going to use a profile pic but file size limit is tight lol


Looking good,

You should also join an image hosting site such as "photobucket" you upload yourpictures there then copy&paste the .img code in to a post on the forum for it to display, this way there's no data limit's and you can post the same image on many forums,

If deleted from photobucket it then deletes from everywhere it's linked. 

Here's a list of guides you may be interested in viewing: 


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Yeah hate photobucket never a reliable source see hosted by banners all over the net with peeps who don't sort out the permissions lol I used to host them myself on a dedi was so much better.

Thanks and yes I have read every one of your guides since I found this place 2 years ago as a guest very informative and well laid out. I would do them all if I had the funds right now :)

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