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Rick watts

05 1.6 zetec climate 115ps

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So i bought an 05 focus zetec 115ps.

£800 few issues, was missfiring sorted that with a full service carried out by myself, whilst perfoming service i noticed a few tell tail signs, first off it appears to have a 1.8 airbox (based on haynes book of lies photo) although im not sure if the ti cvt have the 1.8 box, second the vacuum pipe from rocker cover to airbox is broke and not attached, clutch pedal vibrates under hard acceleration but no slip or noise/smell. What looks like the electric assisted thermostate housing is just loose sat infront of airbox.

Fsh up to 2 years ago 144k cam belt done at 98k clutch 122k

last owner dor 2 years had no service stamps etc so im assuming all things bad strm from them.


after the service and a motorway blast the missing all but disapeared but the EML came on, quick check on a diagnostic showed a catalytic converter bank 2 fault, im led to believe this is from unburnt fuel going into cat during misfire nessing with the sensor, but im not in the know with fords hence why im here.

any knowledge of these issues would be much appreciated. 

oh and 1st is an absolute nightmare to select stiff as you like.

cheers rick. 



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