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2016 towbar


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I cannot find a detachable towbar to fit my 2016 S Max.

Ford do not supply one.

My 2016 S Max car has not got self-levelling suspension.

It has a spare wheel.

It does not have Sport Pack body trim.


It has a foot operated tailgate - keyless entry.

The foot operated tailgate appears to be what is stopping towbar manufacturers supplying a towbar.

When a towbar is fitted, I do not require a foot operated tailgate

( I recently was taking a box out of the boot when the tailgate started closing as the detector had seen my foot move away from the boot area).


Witter technical state that they can supply a towbar to fit, but that the foot detector for the tailgate has to be moved.

They also state that they have produced towbars for the S Max & Kuga, which have foot operated tailgates, for the past few years, without issues.


What options are there for the foot detector after fitting a towbar?

The options I would prefer for the foot detector, after a witter towbar was fitted are, in order of preference:-

- cover the detector so that it never operates (less risk of being hit on the head when removing boxes from the boot)

- disable the foot detector electrically, when the electrics are re-programmed after the towbar is fitted.

- re-position the foot detector as suggested by witter.


Anyone got any thoughts about fitting a detachable towbar to an S Max with the above spec?



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I you can get the tow bar you want, get it fitted and have a Ford garage code out the rear sensor and go into the car settings and switch off the button at your right knee to prevent any mishaps. You still have the key fob and the tailgate button to open it. 

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