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Focus titanium 1.6 tdci 08 plate


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Where to start! I bought this car 2 weeks ago and I've driven it 4 times! Numerous codes, injector seal blown, pat fluid needing re filling! 

Anyway it's a 1.6 tdci with 133,000, I've re filled the pat fluid, I've changed the injector seal, which is now bubbling around the top as it's not sealed properly, think that's left over carbon and needs cleaning again, I've cleaned the EGR valve, I've changed air and oil filter and oil, but it's in limp mode, was on the way to a friend to put it on the computer to re generate the DPF and the turbos blown! What now? Is it worth me getting a new turbo and flushing the system and changing oil and filter again or should I just write it off? I've been told the engine will have bits of the turbo running through it and I'll never sort it? 

Please help 


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Wow, that's a really tough start.

Sorry I can't offer advice but I wanna at least offer sympathy - that's some really really crappy luck.

Take it it wasn't from a dealer? I'm sure I've read things about fit for purpose issues even from a private seller but can't remember if buyer beware overrides all that.

I really hope you get sorted one way or another. There's a load of very knowledgeable peeps on here so I'm sure you'll get some decent advice really soon.

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