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Hi everyone

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Hello...owner of several Fords over the years, my first being a 1976, K reg Escort 1.1. Several Escorts followed in the early years of my driving experience, including a V reg estate and a T reg saloon with the brown vinyl effect roof. Had an Orion later on with the pepperpot alloys

My current vehicle is a 2007 Focus Zetec Climate which I've owned for 7 years. Currently looking for a replacement, something perhaps with an auto box (gulp), hence joining to get the gen on whats good and what ain't in the world of Ford self shifters.

Glad to make your acquaintances, Folks. 

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Thank you, and apologies for not responding again till now.

I'm the proud owner since I last posted of a 13 plate B Max with Powershift...yes, THAT one. I didn't do the research before buying, and although the infamous judder has only been evident to a minor degree thus far, I've read lots of stuff about folks with the same car who have had several clutch replacements and all manner of nightmares. Of course, you're less liable to read about those who HAVEN'T had problems because they've less reason to post. 

The gearbox is under warranty with Ford till next June--I checked--and at the first sign of serious trouble I'll be down to Ford for some action. Its had the TCM software update as per ETIS, so if there's more to do then presumably it'll involve the replacement of oily stuff. 

There's bound to be a corner of this forum where such matters are aired for discussion, so I'll head there if/ when I need more info or advice. 

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