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Mk3 drls


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OK so I would really like some drls but £200+ for oems just ain't gonna happen. That sort of money would be put towards a remap.

So I'm looking at these 'fang' style ones. Adding a link is a pain from my phone but I'm sure you know what I mean. I think Keifer put some on his. 

They're about £60 from 'UK' sellers and about half that from Hong Kong. Now I am well aware of Chinese quality issues but I was wondering if anyone had had positive experience of these and if there is actually any difference to the same style sold by apparently UK sellers. 

Is the only difference being patient enough to wait a month for them to arrive do you think?

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i got mine from China  £46.00  including shipping it does take a while to get here tho https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=AS_20170716004046&SearchText=ford+focus+2013+accessories   

have a look thro the pages on here or refine your search

Mine fitted straight in and work Great  

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Thanks for that. £46 I can run to though Ive seen them even cheaper, though it would be nice to at least retain a little bit of quality... :biggrin:

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I've also used the same style that Tasape has used, cost me around £40 from eBay. They look great, in my opinion they look more 'factory fitted' than the actual ford one's.

Easy to install, took around an hour which included wiring etc. 

I've had them on my car for just over a year now with no problems. 

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