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Ford Mondeo Keyless Start/Entry problems


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Hi All,

Having a strange issue with my 59 plate Mondeo Titanium X

Not sure if the issues are related, but my cars battery died a few weeks ago. Took it to a garage, had it replaced, no issues besides my windows not rolling up automatically when fully lifting the button or when holding the lock button down on the key fob. I could live without it so I didn't give it much thought.

Fast forward two weeks, no issues and car is working fine. Go to leave work this evening and my key fob won't unlock the car, not noticed any key fob problems leading up to this. So I pop out the backup key from the fob, unlock the car manually, try to start the car, nothing.

Googled it, everything says to remove the cover over where the keyed ignition would be, insert the full key fob and try to start the car again. Tried that, nothing happens.

Car battery seems ok as the radio is on, alarm works, and hazards are on but no luck starting the engine.

Only other thing I can think to try is to disconnect the battery to reset it, but I didn't have the tools to do so at the time.

Any other thoughts as to what I might be able to try before I bite the bullet and get it recovered to a garage?

Thanks in advance

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Also, I haven't actually tried disconnecting the battery to reset the ECU before. Am I right in thinking that I just need to disconnect the negative battery terminal from the chassis (as I can't easily access the negative terminal on the battery itself?) and that should do the trick?

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