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Insurance black box


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One of my friends has a black box fitted to his car, but it currently records no data, (which is great for him) but his insurer is currently pestering him to get it fixed but he hasn't contacted them because he doesn't want it fixing (of course). I was wondering if they could cancel his policy, it's still plugged it and everything, so it's not his fault, 

Hes just worried they may cancel his policy.

does anybody have any ideas on what to do, he's a good driver but gives u more Freedom without the box I suppose.


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If his policy is dependent on an active telematics box and it's not working properly then they have the right to void the policy.
They have made efforts to resolve the fault so ignoring them is not advisable.

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As Stoney has mentioned. Those black boxes cause more stress than do good. They've been proven time after time of being totally inaccurate. One true example is that the box stated the car was being driven fast at night. The car was actually parked in a locked garage at the time.
I'd tell him to change policy to one which doesn't stipulate use of a black box.

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Thanks for your replies guys, He's going to look into maybe a different policy or maybe coming to an arrangement to fix the one in his car. Keeping in mind there inaccuracy, if he makes regular checks/updates on how well they believe his driving is, there hopefully shouldn't be an issue.

thanks again

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