Tick over feels very heavy and shakey??

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Hi all. I have just bought a 2005 C-Max 1.6 TDCI and have noticed when ticking over it sounds and feels very loud and vibrates quite alot while idling, now I have never owned a diesel and i know they are louder than petrol cars, so would this be a normal sound/sensation? there are no lights on the dash and it ticks over under 1000rpm, but drives perfectly and cant fault it at all, just the tick over seems very lumpy....when revved over 1000rpm it sounds and feels much better....any ideas? or is this the normal diesel sound. Thanks for any suggestions/answers :)

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HI Emzz

mine was the same and turned out to be the ac pump was a little loose 

now it been repaired you can feel a difference between it be in of off 

before it felt like the car had a wobble at tick over even the gear stick wobbled

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