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What’s wrong with my car?

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Car : Ford Fiesta Ztec Climate 1.242, 2005 reg.


So this is the only issue so far, when discovered I turned the car home and parked it.


- struggles to pick up speed, sluggish.


(Cannot exceed 30mph in 3/4gear, or total max 38mph in 5th gear.)


- engine light flashes on and off.


My thoughts from reading Dr. Google are:


Spark plugs?


The box thing the plugs connect into?


If anyone can help I’d be really grateful, as my whole life unfortunately depends on this car.



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9 minutes ago, elchorro89 said:

On my fairly uneducated exhaust inspection. I’ve noticed the back box has this ... could that cause this issue?f13f9976f8e747571b348133f558bf46.jpg

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normally if its the cat but you will be renewing that part as its naff

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Well looking at the back box i'd say theirs a good chance the baffles inside have collapsed causing a partial blockage preventing the engine from releasing the exhaust gases properly but shouldn't affect it enough to cause a limp home mode scenario unless like Dezwez says the issue is down to a partial blockage on the cat as that usually affects the signal from the o2 sensors to the ecu ..

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