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How much is it worth?!


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Hi all. Just a quick one on befall of my brother. 

He plans on selling his 03 plate Focus MP3 edition but has no idea how much it's worth! 

What I know is: he's owned it for 7 years, only 1 previous owner before him. 

120k with 12 month mot. 

Full service history. 

Hand washed and dries every other weekend. 

Custom built stainless steel exhaust. 


Come with a spare set of alloys

Interior and exterior is in really good condition for the age. 

How much would you guys be willing to pay based on that information? Thanks in advance! 

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That's the problem with cars of that vintage, book price goes down to about £500 and stays there unless there is something really special about it or considered a rare classic.  Would be better off selling the alloys and s/s exhaust separately if in good condition  (and any other mods that can be taken off) as they are worth more than the rest of the car in my opinion.

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Worth bugger all pal is my guess. Once they get above 100k the price just drops off. As others have said depends on the spec of the car (people don't care about mods when it comes to an average car, which is why you should never expect to make any money back from doing mods). I wouldn't expect more than a grand for it though.

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I reckon the mods devalue it as it can cause insurance problems (depending on whether the owner declares the mods or not).

If the car really looks better than average it might be best to park it in a prominent position on a main road with the price and 'new mot' in great big letters that anyone can read passing by (not some stupid piece of a4 paper that some people use and no one can read unless they stop and walk up to the car.  (big pieces of card eg. half size of windscreen in front and back with price and full mot done in bold painted letters )  - obviously it needs the phone number but that can be smaller

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okay thanks everyone, ive seen a few standard ones with around the same mileage and similar condition sell for £600 - £900. I know mods on a car of this age wont increase the value so ill tell him to put it up for around £750 and see what happens. its a shame for such a lovely car to go so cheap.

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