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Under Vehicle Enquiry checker, it says my Tax expired and I need to purchase more (Fiesta 2013 1L Petrol EcoBoost 99bhp)


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Surely this isn't right, as the car is made in 2013, has 99g/km CO2 emissions so should be zero-rated on Tax, even after the new changes as it was first registered before 2017. 


Can anyone share some light on this? This is on the Gov's vehicle checker website to see if it has an MOT and Tax. Thanks.

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Even if the tax is free it won't auto renew. 

When you go to the website to renew the tax it's the same process however the price is £00.00. 

I used to have the same car on a 64 plate and weirded me out the first time too!



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Make sure you get it taxed before your next trip. Otherwise you risk a fine, points and your car crushed. if your caught on the road without paying your zero pence tax

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Yes it does seem a bit mad, but you get the usual reminder in the post which clearly tells you what you have to do (ie. go on the DVLA website and renew the tax).

or  you meant you just bought it and assumed you did not need to do anything as free.  Which I can understand.  Tax no longer transfers with the car when it changes ownership, not even free tax. On cars where tax costs money, this is an outrageaus con by the Govt (and something they did not clearly inform the public of at the time). Everytime a car changes ownership the Govt get one month's extra tax  money, as the old owner only get whole months creditted back and the new owner has to pay for the whole month that the date he bought it in occurs. So if you buy a car on the 15th October, the old owner and the new owner end up both paying for the whole of October. 

Bearing in mind there is not a tax disc showing an expiry date on, the Govt could easily do it by the day, so the old owner gets a refund from the 15th Oct and the new owner gets a year from the 15th Oct - their new tax expires 14 Oct 2018. But no, that would be too fair to us and not mean conning the motorists out of another month's money. 

rant rant....

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