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Cost to repair two broken wind mirrors?


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Hello! I'm hoping someone may be able to help me get a rough estimate of how much this may set me back.

So some drunk bright spark decided to vandalise my Ford Fiesta Zetec (67 plate) and proceeded to pull one mirror clean off and the other hangs limps but wiring exposed. I'm told repair costs could be anything between 350 - 800! Does anyone here have an idea of how much I should expect to pay? Stand to lose NCB with the insurance if I have to take that avenue. 


Thank yyou 

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It won't worth claiming on insurance.  Mirrors are really cheap, not sure where your figures are from?  I guess they're not powerfold as it's a Zetec?

Would need to either paint the caps or swap yours but here's an example of an aftermarket mirror, you'd have to check if it's the correct one... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Primed-Electric-Heated-Wing-Door-Mirror-Unit-Right-O-S-for-Ford-Fiesta-2008-16/372355944474?fits=Model%3AFiesta|Cars+Year%3A2017&epid=1569607413&hash=item56b224d01a:g:rG8AAOSw56pbOzUp


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If you've not already done so, check eBay for the official Ford parts shop. I replaced part of a damaged side mirror on my Focus and was surprised at how cheap the part was, £35 for part of the housing. Or go for good old duck tape and a couple of strong cable ties, which is how the n/s side mirror on Mrs Nitten's KA is held on. Mr MOT didn't bat an eyelid.

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