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Driver side windscreen (Demist)

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Hi all. I have a Ford Focus Mk2/08 Titanium, however the past few winters have been quite trying for me as the condensation inside the car does not clear quickly nor easily.

A perfect line vertically goes down the centre of the windscreen. The passenger side clears very quick but the driver side does not do anything and it takes about 10-15 minutes to fully clear (Blowers on, windows open - Nothing).

This is something I have become used to and I have researched the majority myself. This is a common/known fault with Ford Focus' (Maybe from this generation?) but there are some saying it's a quick fix if you know how to solder (I don't) otherwise you may need the windscreen replacing - But this just mean's the issue could happen the next winter due to it being an inherent fault.

I don't know if a garage could fix, or what I could say to make them understand what the fault actually is. I don't know if a Ford dealership needs to do the work. As it is affected by the windscreen, I don't know if this would be warranted to claim on insurance as it's £70.00 for a replacement window - But again, this could only be temporary.

I found a video which explained this issue very well:


I purchased this car in mid-2013. This is apparently a well known fault amongst the Ford userbase but I don't know if Ford have ever acknowledged the issue. Could this warrant some claim for the fact this is a manufacturing fault to at least assure any work carried out does not cost me?

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