Focus st mk2.5 Boost Leak 1/4 boost max

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been reading through some forum posts on boost issues. Seen a few but was wondering if there were any signs for each of them to know which ones to start with. 

Boost solenoid: is there anything other than the 1/4 boost that would see this as the potential issue? i dont seem to get the flick above 1/4 when letting off as some report. 

Intercooler: I have a fair few dinks in the intercooler would this cause it to settle at a 1/4 boost? ive checked piping and dont see any leaks in the piping to and from this. 

MAP/MAF:  Reading seem okay and no DTC issues. Even when taken to ford their tools read zero issues. 

Exhaust Manifold: heard the bolts can come loose and cause you to lose boost? is this correct and worth checking anyway? 


Just trying to gauge what i should buy first. dont really want to drop 300 on an intercooler to find out i still dont get the stock performance figures. 

Car isn't modded yet and am looking to do so, but would rather get her running right before adding ,aftermarket parts and not knowing / potentially adding to an issue. 


cheers for any help, 


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