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Body Control Module & Steering Control Module Failure

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I'm currently having a very expensive and rather unpleasant experience with my local Ford dealership regarding some faults with my 2011 S-Max. Firstly my bluetooth phone unit disappeared from the menus and subsequently my A/C unit starting flickering off and on (usually in colder and damper weather). Several of the A/C controls failed to function intermittently. After a few weeks of tolerating this, my headlights malfunctioned and full beam would randomly engage (sometimes flicker on/off) even if the headlights were turned off. I have videos of these failures. I took the car to my local dealer for service (I had a couple of recalls that also needed doing). The faults were diagnosed as a faulty BCMI (Body Control Module). Bad news was > £1000 to replace. I decided to eat the cost in this instance only to collect the car and discover that the faults had not been fixed (full beam still not working). I went a bit ape at this point and insisted on additional diagnostics. Further faults were then found with the SCM (Steering Control Module) and I was advised this had corrupted the BCMI also. I have lots of issues with this process but have agreed to have the SCM replaced also. In all honesty, I don't trust the dealer actually understands the root cause of these issues and I was wondering if anybody else had similar experiences or ideas as to cause of issues?

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