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1.6 eb problems ?!


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Hi all , first post on here. 

Having issues with my new car 2013 Focus zetec s 180hp (89k miles on clock) Picked it up around a month ago and within 2 weeks of ownership hit a major issue. 

After some spirited B road driving, I pulled

upto a roundabout, while pulling off the car started shuddering under acceleration with white smoke coming from exhaust. Managed to crawl the half a mile home and pulled upto the my driveway. oil now has filled with petrol and car won’t start. 

My mate plugged his obd scanner in and came up with 3 faults - P2237/ P0089 / P0087

Seriously hoping I haven’t damaged a piston or ring.

Car had a major service within 5 days of owning and timing belt / water pump was changed less than 20 miles before it gave up the ghost. Could anyone shed some light?

I am preparing myself for the worst. 

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Sounds like a stuck-open injector initially.  Though driving home on it may have caused further damage.

When you say it won't start - does it turn over?  How high is the oil level now?

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