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Head Unit Upgrade

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Was thinking of upgrading my square 6006 head unit in my 2007 S-Max was thinking of one of Fords Sat Nav units or one of the Sony units then someone pointed me in the direction of these that I found on e-bay


Anyone buy one of these or have any advice before I take the plunge


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You'd be best checking the posts about them on the Smax owners club site. There's a few who've bought them over there. From what I read, most seem to rave about them initially, but then seem to change for something better after a few months citing that radio reception was a bit patchy, and the user interfaces a bit clunky.

Search for "chinese head units" and all will be revealed.

I read up on them, and then bought an official Ford/Blaupunkt unit - I've never regretted this.

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These are Chinese Imports based on a Windows CE engine. I have had one in my 09 Focus for nearly 2 years now.

I am running iGO 8 Satnav software on it and as a Satnav its brilliant. The DVD and CD Player works fine as does the reversing camera I fitted. The touch screen is clear and works great as well.

The downsides are the bluetooth hands free isn't great. The mike doesn't pick up your voice too well and you end up shouting.

The FM Radio signal is poor and AM has packed up all together on mine. My version doesn't have RDS, EON, Traffic or Automatic Frequency Control either.

The TV signal is only as good as the area you are in. Unless you have an aerial as big as one on the roof of your house, you are never going to get a reasonable signal.

I feel the good points outway the bad and its pretty good value for the money. You can also attach additional monitors to go in the back but I havent done that.

The other thing is the DVD Player and TV are not supposed to provide a picture while you are driving. However I got around this by attaching the lead that goes to the handbrake directly to earth.

Hope this helps.

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