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K&N Panel Filter & Ron 97 fuel

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Hello all

Right i was thinking the other day i promised my car a K&N Panel filter for xmas well the time is near there around £33 usually i want one of these for various reasons

* stop changing my air filter every service save £6 a time after 5 services every 8,000 miles it would of paid for iteself

*cleaner air and better air flow to the engine

second of all i have been looking into ron 97 fuel im going to do a lot of research on this before i buy any im going to start a study and do it over 3 months to see if my mpg differs as my ron 95 seems to be filling up my fuel filter with quite a bit of water now i usually buy my fuel from Total , Or Shell on the odd occasions ()Sainsburys/Bp() or BP as you may have guessed sainsburys fuel i was told is bp stuff anyways my ford manual says that there is no signifcant differance if i use higher octane well im going to do the total challenge thing extra 30 miles per tank cleaner engine cleaner fuel filter and better response i dont mind paying the extra 3p if it will do all this for me seems a lot to ask for for 3p but when u look at it like this

unleaded ron 95 @ 93.9 x £30 (what i usually fill up ) get me about 32 litres of fuel

unleaded ron 97 @ 96.9 x £30 get me around 29 lires of fuel

so it costs me more in punds and i get less in litres but am i going to get more miles to the gallon and more miles out of the tank

Well the experiment shall begin probs in december when i buy a new fuel filter check oil and plugs and change to panel K&N and then i will keep you all posted and try and get as acurate as i possibly can on my mpg figures

Let me know what you guys think

Sorry its a long one


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