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Second Service For Ka Mk2


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Ok, as title, how much should I be expecting to pay for my 2nd service (first major) Only got just under 6K on clock, don't know if that makes a difference? Just want to know what kind of price I should be putting to Ford as I had a call from someone the other day and she quoted £220, I said you're having a laugh and said I'd pay nearer £180, so advice please! :)

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Jez thats a rip off, even your price of £180 is way over the top, knock the 100 off 'your willing to pay' price is more realistic, or leave the 100 on just for the ford stamp in the service book.

spark plugs

air filter

oil filter


sreen wash

these are the main bits needed for your service, plus anything else ford's can add on just to make the cost up,

where abouts are you?

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Thanks for your reply. So I should try and get the price nearer £100 then? I know I could get it cheaper at a local garage but not sure if I trust them and would rather pay a bit more for Ford to do it, though obviously don't want to be completely ripped off! I'm in west midlands, I usually stick to one particular ford place but lucky that there are quite a few round here within 20 mile radius so I guess I could try and play them off against each other, not that they'd be that bothered about one measly service but it's worth a try!

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