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Focus Idling Rougth Possible Electric Prob???help


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hi has anyone had the same prob as me wiv a y reg 1.4 focus ?

when the car is idleing its sounds like its struggling and the more electricl things i turn on the worst it gets the revs also bounce when i put the hazards on leading me to beleave its something to do with power being drained?it also cuts out if i stick my foot on the clutch and brake hard as im coming up to a stop but only when im traveling at a decent speed.the central locking sum times clicks for no real reason and today the starter would not turn over but all the lights were fine i left it for a hour and it worked?iv read about idle control values and a few other senors but would they explain the electrics playing a part in the probs? could this be a a duel problem ? any help would be much apreciated.

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It may be your idle control valve needs a good clean or replacing.

without sounding rude what else would you expect the car to do with lots of electricals on and the car idling? it will sound like its struggling because it is if you rev it ill bet everything runs okay the fan speed increases etc thats what ide expect it to do if you want my honest opinion either the battery has a faulty cell or its not a silver calcium battery or its just passed it and needs a new battery ide look at those first as this will cause the locking click you get and the car to cut out it would have worked after an hour as the outside temp rises allowing it to start easier does the speedo work or does it drop speed? first get the battery looked at see if it has a faulty cell and if its charging ok most garages do it free then check its a silver calcium battery and not a lead acid battery if its lead acid theres youyre problem. if you do the dash trick youde find the car with lots of electrics on the rpm stays within range 700+- 30 rpm so 670 to 730 its just drawing lots of power from the battery and the alternator is not spinning fast enough as the cars idling to replace it asyou drive it spins faster and can put more voltage into the battery than youre using. youll be amazed how many focis ive fixed by putting the right battery in lol

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