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Performance And Look Mods

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Hi all,

I've only recently bought a 1.4 escort encore (mk6 i believe?). I'm looking to restore the car to it's original glory if not, then modify the crap out of it! I'm enthusiastic and will save as much as possible to get as much done(It will be a daily driver but also undergo major mods, when I can afford it lol)

Does anyone know of any decent mods that my baby could undergo?

Current mods that I dont particularly like but own:

lowering springs 40mm all round

K&N Mushroom Air filter

Rear lexus lights

Fusion 600 Watt Sub

Ministry of sound 6x9 - 300 Watts each

Unknown front Speakers in door

Ripspeed DVD head unit

These mods were already in place when i bought the car for £500 with 6 months Tax & MOT


We'll start off with a full service!!


Carbon Fibre Bonnet or Vinyl Wrap & Boot lid

Better Alloys than when I first bought it

Maybe bigger/Better engine (As I grow older and wages get better and insurance drops) Maybe a silvertop/ Blacktop mix?

Upgraded throttle body?

Custom built fibre glass dashboard and boot

DVD head unit

Upgraded speaker all round

Drop down LCD Screen for rear passengers

Lowering springs/coilovers


Rear lights

Bodykit - Later on in life


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Well firstly i would say for performance:

2.0 silvertop engine and something like Jenvey throttle bodies and aftermarket management.

Decent 4-2-1 exhaust manifold

Decent cold air feed

Full stainless exhaust and decat



Keep it smooth and subtle

The Escorts lines dont really suit these big bodykits.

Maybe an Evotech front bumper and ST24 rear bumper would be the limits, otherwise i'd stick with standard rear bumper, spats and half tinted lights. GTi/RS2000 sideskirts, standard front bumper, Transit fog lights and a Laguna/Espace splitter. A lot go for Angel Eye headlights but even though they are more expensive, the Morette headlights look so much better.

Carbon Fibre bonnet.................. Not unless your willing to spend more on that than you bought the car for. Get a standard one vinyl wrapped or get a fibreglass one.

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