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Accessing the instrument cluster


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Hi all - I have an Italian registered Fusion 2006 model and need to modify the speedo to MPH.

I would like some advice on how to get to the instruments so that I can fit a UK calibrated MPH mask that I have bought.

I have found how to get to the lower two screws but it looks as though the car was built around the instruments....

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Colin,

Sorry but I won't be able to help with accessing the instrument cluster, but 1stly if you do succeed in the change from kilometers to miles per hour, I'd be interested how.....as I have the opposite problem, .... I bought a uk car but now live in Ireland....and they have the dreaded km/h over here...so, 2ndly if your 'foil' is still in good shape after removal, I could be interested (if it's compatible with the 2006 dash) in purchasing it from you.


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