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hey guys. i was just wondering if i should Decat my mondeo? and if i would notice an increase in power output. my mondeo is standard 115bhp and i am just wondering the best things i could do to get more power out of it i have ordered a tuning box and wonder if a straight through exhaust system would be a good idea?

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Looked at this myself, think you would definitely see improved performance, but you than have the hassle of having to swap it all back round when it comes to MOT time.

I have upgraded the panel filter to a k & n and noticed a significant difference, its all about getting cold air in to that turbo!!

Try changing the air feed to a larger diameter pipe and upgrading to a cone filter, you will certainly notice the difference.

I am not sure about these tuning boxes, all they do is fool the ecu with different figures causing it to pump more fuel in. Have heard story's of split fuel rails due to high pressure.

If you going for one, make sure it's one of the newer digital models. Not a cheap one!

Think blue fin re-map is probably the best way to go, but expensive.


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Hello, yes, you can decat a Mondeo 2.0L TDDI 115, its the same decat as the TDCI 2.0 amd 2.2 (all models, including ST-TDCI) a cat (catalytic converter) is not required to pass a UK MOT on a diesel in 2012, (only particulates (smoke) is tested) though this may change in the future

Some people have fitted straight-through exhausts to TDDIs, it can increase performance but it can be a bit loud, if you remove the back box and leave the centre pipe it will boost the performance/ help the engine rev better without being too loud (the back box is restrictive)

The TDDI is rated at 115ps, which is 113Hp, this is to keep it in a "euro tax bracket" when tested, a stock TDDI was found to have 127Hp, with a (high end) digital tuning box alone,(or a bluefin or remap) this can be boosted to 140 -145Hp

The simple type of tuning boxes that fool the ecu do not fit or work on TDDIs, only on TDCIs (Because TDDIs do not have a common rail)

A cone filter can loose power on these cars, as it can draw warm air from under the bonnet

A K&N panel filter adds barely any power on these engines, it may seem better because it makes the intake roar louder and the new K&N may be replacing an old, dirty used air filter that is restrictive because of that

Believe it or not, there are people tuning these engines (TDDIs) with remaps, straight through exhausts bigger intercoolers, boost controllers and even hybrid turbos in Europe and the UK, some claim 180+Hp and 400+Nm

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