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Ford Focus Abs Unit - Help!


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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a bit of friendly advice on some problems I'm having with my new Focus.

I bought an 08 plate 1.8 TDCi a couple of weeks ago, and I've really enjoyed having the car (and the MPG - I'm coming from a 2l Petrol!); but recently the ESP light came on - and has stayed on.

Quick trip back to the garage where I bought the car and the diagnosis showed codes u1900 + c1288. The fix for which is apparently a shiny new ABS unit (failure in the pressure sensor unit) - and me £1500 lighter.

Now, putting to one side the discussions I'm having with the garage (car was purchased 6 weeks prior to the fault) My question is this:

I've managed to get a hold of a second hand ABS Unit, code 3M512M110JA

  • This came from a 57-plate 1.8 Petrol: will this part no. be a suitable replacement for my unit?
  • I've had a look and it looks like a battery-out job to replace the unit (can't even see enough of the existing unit to see what part number is in there) - I have the Sony head unit (the car is Titanium spec) - will I need a code from the dealer?

Look forward to your responses,


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do not touch anything if you do the warranty is nil and void do not even mention youve got an abs unit or it would indicate youve accepted its not the garages responsibility in short if they do not wish to fix the fault you are entitled to a replacement or a refund its as simple as that call youre local citizens advice who will inform you by law the garage has to give a minumum 3 month warranty

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as artscot has mentioned, take it back to the garage who bought it. they have to give 3 months warranty by law.

edit: but as you say putting aside your discussions that you should be having with the garage to get this sorted under warranty. if you send me in a PM your Reg/VIn number i can take a look on some software i have to check part numbers. and will also inform you of a good place to go to get your radio code (saving you some money at dealers)

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You need to get the garage you bought it from to sort it out as it is deemed under sales of goods act (the fault) to be there at sale if bought within 6 months of the fault showing. They know this and should act if you quote SOGA. If you go down sorting yourself this happened to me on my new second hand 08 Focus 1.8 TDCI. Look up ABS fault on Honest Johns website and there is a company called 'SinSpeed' that'll recondition the old unit for about £250 and guarantee it'll never show a fault again. Apparently the focus ABS/ESP has a design fault that makes it give up the ghost at intermittent intervals, so if possible try not to get another Ford unit put back in. The garage will need to remove the unit and send it off, about 4 day turn around so you'll need a courtesy car in the interim.

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