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Ford Focus 52 Plate


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hi, hope some one can help,

i have a focus 52 plate and just after my service my key fob packed up, it will lock the car doors but will not open them or the boot.

i have to open car doors manually,

i have to keys at present 1 remote fob and a normal key with a blue tag,

looking at buying second hand fob off eBay as it same code on my key,

dont really understand about keys so a bit losy.

many thanks bryan :blink:

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Tbh you're best off looking for a new key as then you bypass any problems with coding to your immobiliser.

As you have both original keys you will be able to add the extra key yourself.

Are you aware that you can get flip keys with the correct blank blade type (tibbe) which look just a bit flash.

As and when you get a spare key there are some here (myself included) who can advise you of the programming process for the immobiliser and central locking.

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thanks for that,

i will look for a new key, but blank blade type tibbe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you lost me,

i have seen them with blank blades which need to be cut by a lock smith.

sorry but after looking at keys old/ new circuit boards switches blank blades micro switches im more lost then ever.


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Sorry, tibbe refers to the key blade design.

The one you have is a round blade body with the flattened end which is a tibbe type.

Later cars use the flat blade type which is referred to as the laser key.

Anyhow, this is the key you need.

Brand new and ready to cut and programme.


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Yes the blade will need cutting.

It needs to be able to turn in the ignition in order to be programmed.

Most (but not all) key cutters will be able to do it for you for a few pounds.

Programming it yourself to the central locking and immobiliser will take no more than a couple of minutes for each part and is very easy.

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if you can program the new key to your central locking, why not just transfer the immobiliser chip to the new key if the old one doesnt work properly?

this would save getting a blade cut and programming the immobiliser side of things.

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the problem i have is not knowing what wrong with the key,

is it the fob or chip or something else,

sorry i assumed the programming was to do the central locking and immobiliser, plz dont tell me theres two programes to do,one on the internet say put old key and turn 4 times from one position to another put second key in and turn and then new key, this will program new key,

thanks bryan

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there is a chip for the immobiliser - so if the key starts the car this is fine. there is also information regarding central locking stored on the key (nothing to do with the immobiliser part)

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thanks , just popped in to Halfords to get new battery just in case,

they dont know what battery i need so told to open fob and find out, i think i read some where you dont get long to change battery before you have to reprog key,

secondly asked about a new key and if i could reprog my self they said new key only from main dealer and no i can not reprog a new key, even tho i have two keys,

good news is fob not worked all day to open car but will lock it via remote, gets home and locked car and tried to un lock and it worked, tried four times and it now works,

going to change battery when i can open fob and know how long i get before it goes pear shaped.

and see what happens


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just out of curiosity, could i purchase a second hand key code 98AG15K601AC from eBay and change my horse shoe to the eBay key and then just re prog this,

as i understand from owners manual that reprog is to set a new remote key to operate central locking and recode is for immobiliser.

to reprog you need only one coded key but for recode you need two coded keys

that this correct, thanks bryan

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There's two parts to the key internals.

The central locking circuit which works off the battery and is easy to programme to any Ford.

The transponder which is a glass tube in the side of the key which works the immobiliser via resonance to a ring around the ignition barrel, two original transponder keys to programme to your model of car.

You can buy a second hand key to put your key blade (horseshoe) onto and programme the central locking to recognise the new circuit but will also need to transfer the original transponder chip to the new key body so the immobiliser will work.

The transponder is in a rubber tube and slides out of the end of the key body using a small screwdriver but must be done very gently as it's glass and extremely fragile.

You're lucky really as on later focus models the ability to add extra keys to the car was removed unless using an IDS programming unit.

One thing that can affect a key other than a duff battery and dirt is sometimes the spring contacts to the battery can often not make proper contact but a jiggle of the battery will resolve this.

One thing if thinking of acquiring a flip key is that afaik the transponder chip is a different design so are not swappable and can only be programmed once therefore its best to buy a brand new un-programmed key.

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im sold, it sounds better to purchase the new flip key as you said,

and get the blade cut and then reprog followed by re coding the transponder my self.

did not think that such a small thing as a key could be so difficult,

and after asking the price at the dealership i nearly passed out,

as my key is working again ( fingers crossed) i am still getting a new key, just in case and in the back of my mind if i lose or leave the key in jeans and they get washed, then i would only have one working key and a trip to the dealers,

thanks for your help


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