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Which Is Best ??

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my wife travells to work around 40 miles tound trip each day...so a diesel is required....we also like the focus.....so which one???we are looking for reliability and cheaper running/service costs rather than speed....which is better the 1.8tdci or the 1.6tdci????a little concerned with the stories of failed turbos on the 1.6 but like the sound of cheap tax...also does all the 1.6tdci have the eollys additive system and if so is it a concern???and i realise the 1.8tdci is the slightly older type engine....

we would be looking at 58/59 plate onwards with no more than 40000 with service history a must...

what do you think???

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Doing 40 mile runs should return excellent fuel range and also any problems with the DPF would be reduced.

As you say, problems with the turbo being problematic do persist but as long as the car is serviced to schedule you should be ok.

Personally I prefer the 1.8, no DPF or turbo woes, and the tax is still only £120 per year.

I agree that the engine is old fashioned but it's tried and tested and has been updated to modern standards also it's bomb proof.

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I also have the 1.8tdci, and bought this because of the turbo realted issues on the 1.6tdci, and personally not doing enough mileage at the moment to justify a car with a DPF as they don't like short runs, but your situation sounds like it would be ok for the 1.6, and from what i've read, the turbo related issues were sorted by 2008, so either car would be suitable for the job, its just down to what you prefere.

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No additive (I.e coated DPF) from April 2009 onwards on the 1.6 TDCI. Etis confirms this if you generate a service schedule.

Just missed out on this, mine's December 2008!

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