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Some Call Her A Ford Focus, I Call Her Julia!

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BTW the bumper isn't hard to take off i will do a guide because i could not find any real info on how to remove the bumper of an MK2.5 i was flying blind today

EDIT: Rain tomorrow this is bad news for sorting out the washer bottle RAWWRRR







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No rain yet so attempt number 2 at washer bottle installation. The hole i patched failed because i did not give it enough time to dry before filling the bottle, half the water leaked out over night but after removing the wheel arch liner and tested the pumps both worked fine front and rear my guess that the hose was blocked by dirt inside the bottle.

Bit of a recap yesterday i had to swap over the connectors for the washer bottle this is mk2 connector


And this is my connector from the original mk 2.5 bottle


So i started popping out each connector

post-43258-0-00996200-1397981778_thumb.j post-43258-0-03820500-1397982112_thumb.j

Until it was all completed, to fit my connector on the car


Now today after i took of the washer bottle i realised how dirty it really was on the inside


So i stripped the bottle, took off the pumps sensor and hose, gave it a clean in the bath, couldn't get anything on the inside to properly clean it though, no biggy all the debri is out



When it all dries i will patch the hole again and change over the pump from this bottle in order to use the pump from my original bottle because it's newer and doesn't make as much noise.

Sadly though headlight washers so far, i xenons need to be activated in elm for this part to work, i was rather hoping it would work without doing that yet though but if i do activate it today i will deffo pop in the xenon lamps asswell

Next step, during this week i will have a go at painting the washer covers with spray cans, already have brand new covers from ford primed and ready to go the white ones are only temporary to keep it all looking neat, IIRC i paid some what nearly £40 for the covers from ford sadly i had to go down that road to make sure i got the right covers there are many different types, but i have the official ones i can actually say any mk2 washer covers will work except for the RS models, ST's, ZS, Titanium will all fit, MK2 05/08 will work too but the shape won't look as good and this cover is actually smaller in height meaning your holes need to be perfect couple mill out and your f'ed

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Hole patched again with silicone this time i will leave it for atleast 12 hours before filling the bottle with water, left it near the heater to speed things up.


There is actually and alternative and it is a cheaper route for anyone doing this mod, both bottles are actually the same the only difference in the hole has been drilled for the headlight washer pump, you can basically buy a cheap pump on ebay drill a hole on your original washer bottle (Already pre marked on the bottle) or buy a second hand bottle with pumps and hoses already there like i did but it look a long time for me to find a bottle with everything i needed and wanted on ebay, pumps, sensors, hoses, of course as far as i know, no one has done this mod before so there is no aid or advice out there to tell you exactly what you need and or other routes that can be taken to achieve the same goal

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Pinpointed the exact cause of my problem regarding no water flow. The connectors for the water hose have a 1 way flow valve that isn't on the connector of the mk2, i obviously had it backwards hence no water flow, the arrows are very small and the valve is even smaller but it can be seen on the body with a spring loaded ball to stop water flowing back


mk2 connector flows either direction


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Installed the newly patched washer bottle this morning activated headlight washer filled up the bottle and gave it a test run, that did not work, took the wheel off and liner then checked all the wiring and hoses all was well but washers did not work.

Used elm on my laptop and checked for fault codes, DTC B2258, OF popped up did some googling which described the DTC as an open circuit/ground

My first thought was a missing fuse so i got the ford book out and identified fuse 23 as being a 30A for headlight washer, checked the engine bay fuse box and it was indeed missing, installed a fuse and still no washers, so i googled more details about DTC B2258 which suggest the circuit is open between the PJB and headlight washer relay.

I then searched for hours to find the location of this relay, it's not in the book and wiring schematic only shows it as R9 however on the back of the engine bay fuse box cover i found a listing of relays

R9 being the missing relay and F23 the missing fuse


Since i already checked all wiring is there i was sure only a relay needed but from the above photo there is no info on what relay is needed, no ratings or wiring

After much more hours combing through the wiring schematics and my haynes manual that displays R9 as R34... i was able to work out the wiring but still no rating


I compared the wiring of the wiring schematics to the wiring of the haynes manual against the relay being used for the horn which is rated at 20A, the wiring is exactly the same with part 5M5T14B192AA


There are two more relays with this part number and exact wiring layout, since the wiring layout on the relay matches that of the wiring schematic i pulled out the horn relay and popped it R9 slot which produced some very good results and got my washers working.

The wiring isn't a 100% match as the horn relay is missing Pin 4, Pin 4 goes to an earthing point that isn't actually needed, it's purpose from the wiring schematic is only to ground the other end of the washer pump when not being used in other words both end of the pump is connected as negative and that of course does nothing therefore Pin 4 isn't needed hence the horn relay works for washer jets

End result: relay now needed for horn, washer jets working, DTC code B2258 cleared and gone

In the video i was trying to work out how the washer jets work, the book says headlight jets will not come on everything windscreen washer is on to save water therefore in the real world that means washer jets for the headlights will only come on once for every 4 times windscreen washers are used or once for the first time ignition comes on, i also changed in elmconfig how long headlight washers stay on from 0.85 seconds to 2.20 seconds

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Next weekend i got to take the bumper off and do some minor work although it all work very well there are minor problems, the hose pipes are leaking where it connect to the washer jet, this is bad because water is splashing about on the inside of the bumper onto the fog light wiring and my DRL wiring the factory seal on these hose are poor very poor considering both jets and hoses are brand new.

Secondly i need to reduce the wash time that i changed, it's too long and at this rate the water bottle only last 7 shots onto the headlight before it's empty leaving a bit for the windscreen, the jets use a lot of water.

Thirdly, near side washer jet does not go back in all the way needs a bit of lube for better sliding, this is an issue because the jet covers does not sit onto the bumper perfectly and that is very unprofessional all in all good day #no horn

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Thanks bud.

So I installed my xenon headlamps without levels for a test run.... horrendous results at night, the beam is pointed directly at the floor and the cut off is so sharp it's almost like driving without lights. For now I will continue using my halogen headlamps

Sent from my GT-I9300 using Ford OC mobile app

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