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Clutch - Urgent

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Afternoon all,

I'd be eternally grateful if someone can get in the footwell of their fez (mines an 07... so 06-08 will do) and take a picture of the slave cylinder push rod that attaches to the pin on the clutch pedal (+surrounding area)

Unfortunately for me, mine keeps slipping which causes chaos when I'm approaching roundabouts at breakneck speeds and the clutch happens to fully engage.. However when I tried to investigate I found that the rod doesn't sit flush on the pin, with no clip or anything similar keeping it in place.

I'm aware that this is a common fault with Fords, however just wanted to know whether I should be looking at replacing the slave rod, using a cable tie or going down the more expensive cylinder route.

*Interesting one for you* Local Ford dealer went straight for the 'replace master cylinder' on me, though I'm pretty sure I don't have to!

Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers

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Had this happen to daughters car 2 weeks ago 5 times in space of 2 miles on a '54 plate finesse.

The earlier '03 plate fiesta she used to have and I now use has a split pin through the pin that the slave rod attaches to. Seems the later one has no visible means of retaining the pin and any sideways movement on the clutch pedal makes it pop off.

Get in there with a 3 mm drill bit and drill a hole through the pin and stick a split pin or even a hair-pin through and jobs a good-un !

If you don't fancy drilling it then file 2 ridges either side of the pin and find a suitable circlip to stick on it (or a clip-cap, I suppose would work)

Seems like a stupid omission to me.

Typical graduate engineer idea I suppose !


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Mg-tart, thanks for the info!

As it happens, on my way back from the gym I collared an unfortunate RAC patrol van and explained my troubles to him..

Within 2 minutes he'd got a genuine Ford washer out of his van and told me that should sort the problem! If it does happen again and the washer manages to fall off I'd definitely consider going down the split pin route..

Can't believe Fords tried to quote me for a new master cylinder at around £250 when an RAC patrolman can sort it in a jiffy!

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