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Open Car With Flat Battery


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I have a 1997 Puma. I left a satnav connected which flattened the battery. Two different key fobs will not open either door or the boot. These keys or the valet key will not open any of the locks manually.

Is there any clever trick to open the car? Is there any way to open the bonnet from outside the car?

Can I access the bonnet release through the Ford badge position? (Seems unlikely but I have seen this suggested.)

Any help would be welcome.

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Thanks very much Mike. I wasn't able to reach the starter supply cable from under the car so I couldn't use this method.

In the end I opened the door lock by using brute strength and ignorance on the key until it opened. Now I must get hold of some suitable lubricant to allow the lock to open with more normal pressure on the key. (Opinion seems to be divided on the use of WD40 so I will probably use thin silicone grease.)

Thanks again for your interest.


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Glad you've got in. Don't use WD40 as it will attack the plastics ( brother in laws an auto electrician, he knows these things) use spray on white grease, such as easy grease by rapide.



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