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Create New Wiring Circuits

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to add a few accessories to my motor, such as a tracking device, perhaps a dashcam, etc. I'd like them hard-wired into the fuse box as it'll be more neat, convenient, also allow the cigarette lighter to be used for other purposes, etc.

I've seen that people use devices that replace one of the fuses with a pair of slots, and therefore allow a second circuit to be run. This doesn't look ideal to me.

I was wondering about the vacant fuse positions in the box. Can they be wired up to the battery easily to allow a new circuit to be added, identically to the ones already present? They appear to be vacant because certain vehicle upgrades, such as a trip computer, are not present in my vehicle snd this seems the logical choice to create new harnesses / circuits for my devices.

Thanks all,


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Far easier to use fuse taps.

Both feeds from the double slot are independently fused so no danger of overloads or shorts.

I have added two extra 12v sockets in my car (due to replacing my centre console with a facelift version which had 2 socket spaces available) which are parallel wired with in-line fuses in each circuit without any problems at all.

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Yes, fuse taps - they're what I was referring to. My feeling was that they were adding load to an existing circuit; nice to know that they don't.

That's what I'll go for.

Many thanks,


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