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2004 Tdci Mpg


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Good morning folks.

I have a 2004 Mondeo TDCI.

I have had it 3 weeks and I am getting about 53 mpg.

I have calculated this using the brim to brim method and it also accords with the onboard computor.

To me this is very good compared to the 26 mpg I was managing to eak out of my 1.8 rover 75 on a run with the wind behind me.

Is this about what most people get out of their cars. She has a high mileage (135,000) but drives like a car with half the mileage

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I have a Mk IV, but that sounds pretty reasonable to me; obviously it depends a bit on what your mix of driving is, and you'd expect better mpg results if you were mainly drifting along Motorways and Dual Carriageways than entrenched in urban traffic.

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My 2.2 estate is a 54 plate on 150,000 and does the same.

With the winter diesel comes and the heaters go on expect this to fall to 50 in Autumn.

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I have a 2006 2.2 TDCI hatchback with 66k miles and I have hit just under 60mpg solo if I control my right foot.

I can hit 35mpg+ towing our 1400kg caravan so I'm really impressed with it :)

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Since I blanked off my EGR valve I seem to be getting about 3-5 miles per gallon more. I driving a mixture of mostly town, with dual carriage ways, and I am getting nearly 50 miles per gallon out of my 130 hp model. I noticed when I drove back to see my children (200 miles) I was getting 55 miles per gallon, travelling at around 80 mph.

Quite happy with that I reckon.

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