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Clutch End Stop


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Driving a long, wearing wellies, went to change gear - pushed clutch down, heard a big plastic like SNAP and then the clutch didn't relase from its bottom position. Pulled over immediately and gently pulled the pedal back up.

Clutch working absolutely fine however when you press down with a lot of force (when wearing wellies or the Mrs has boots on) the bugger does not return. I must stress this does not happen a lot it's happened twice in three months.

Does anyone know if i can buy a end stop sort of thing to stop this from happening? I assume Ive broken the original so now my pedal can be over pushed.

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Sounds like the return spring may have broken - not unheard of apparently.

See here http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=18315513

There's also a clutch pedal assistance spring which helps with the amount of effort needed to push the pedal down, the plastic end cap for this can break. But your problem sounds more like the return spring.

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Nice one Troy, your a big help. Looks like I'll leave the pig alone. As I said it doesn't stick down often and the main spring is fine, so god knows! It's not even as if I had something fall into the footwell so I'm stumped.

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That may be the best course of action if the helper spring cap has broken - I looked at trying to replace mine and it was virtually impossible.

Access to the pedal box is awful once the instrument panel has gone in and it was difficult enough even seeing where the spring was let alone trying to remove it and refit with new cap.

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