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Mk6.5 Fiesta Outside Temperature Sensor Location


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Hey guys,

I recently came across an issue with my mom's Mk6.5 2007 Fiesta. It probably was there since I bought the car for her, but I didn't really notice it until few days ago.

Problem is, that the outside temperature isn't showing anything on the instrument cluster...a quick look by a mechanic suggested that there isn't any temperature sensor plugged in.

So, I bought the sensor on eBay relatively cheap and went on to the interwebs to find some sort of guide on how to replace the sensor, only to find out that there isn't any :D

I think I know where the sensor should be mounted on the bumper (though a pic of it would be nice too), but where exactly should be the connector for the wire? I can't find this anywhere and by a brief look under the hood, I didn't see any unplugged connector, which could be there for the sensor.

So, can someone please advice me on where the sensor should be plugged in? And if you'd have a picture, that would be absolutely perfect. I'm not that familiar with the wirings of the Fiesta, so some sort of noob-ish, step-by-step directions would be nice.

Thanks a lot ;)

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its behind the front bumper attacthed to the underside of crash bar in the centre, supposed to take bumper off to access it but sure it could be accesed without.

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Ok, so the connector for the sensor should be somewhere there, nearby, right? It's quite short wire that's on the sensor I bought, so I don't think it's supposed to run all around the engine bay...

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