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Head Unit Swap, From Ford To Sony.


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I know ive asked about this issue before but i am still slightly unsure about the compatability in swapping the original ford head unit with the blue screen to the better sony unit with the colour screen etc.

My car is a 2012 focus mk3 zetec s, unfortunatley i have the ford unit installed but ive always preferred the look of the uprated sony unit.

Ive seen this on eBay from a similar aged car and if i swap those bits over im guessing it should all work fine.


Its the screen fascia and unit itself, if i swap all the bits over i shouldnt run into issues should i.

Any advice

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hi. if your car has ford sync its the right one if it has the old bluetooth (ie the phone paddle on right hand side) then you have the older version. if its the right one then its just straight forward to remove and replace takes about 10 minutes to do.

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Ive pulled out the whole head unit to see the serial numbers of the bits i want to swap over in terms of getting the colour screen rather than the original ford blue one, and also swapping the ford to sony radio.


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Below are the pictures of the serial numbers of the units.


This is the rear of the main unit which the serial is BM5T......


This is the rear of the top screen which is the current original blue one. serial is AM5T


And this is the one of the main fascia to the unit serial is AM5T

So here is where i need some serious help.

Im guessing i can only swap to the newer bits if i use the same serials for the parts im replacing.

So if i want to replace just the screen to the colour one, im going to have to use a model which is an AM5T spec

And if im gonna swap the head unit in its entirity im going to have to replace the main unit with a bm5t spec.

Am i on the right track here as i dont wanna spend loads of cash on a unit that will lose functionality that i already have.

Thanks in advance

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I have been searching on eBay again...

I can find the head unit with the serial beginning with bm5t which i assume will be ok to swap straight over, but the colour screens seem to start with bm5t also..... whereas mine is only a am5t screen. Will that work ok.

As you can all probably tell i have no idea what im really looking for here

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