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Ford Escort Gti


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Hi all my name is Anton I'm 19 and a huge Escort enthusiast.  I bought my Escort Gti as my second car back in September 2015 for £500.  its a moon dust silver 3 door with sun roof which had 65000 on the clock with Mot until March 2016.  everything seemed to work fine on it all mechanically fine it seemed, just neglected.  it had been outside for a while underneath a tree so it had startered to turn green and the bodywork had started to rust in all the usually places on the front wings which started bubbling at the bottom , rear arches , both doors , on the boot underneath the rear spoiler, and sills when i had a looks seemed crusty and not to mention the  A pillar so it had started going pretty much everywhere. The interior seemed a little dirty but the half leather came out lovely after a good clean out, even the body work with its blemishes looked a lot better after its first was and polish up.  Driving it was a great experience , it was comfy being support in the half leather seats and the car held the road nicely. I know the Escort GTi is often criticised as slow but i felt i had plenty of power with the 1.8 zetec it kept up with traffic well in my opinion.   

But this without a doubt would be a project car and needed plenty of things doing to it to bring it up to a great standard: 

My original to do list: 

All the new panels, including bonnet as it had a dent.

Respray in its original Moondust silver paint code

New wheels , the spoked wheels which were on the car didn't seem to suit it that well , i wanted to aim to get the Mondeo Si alloys which are exactly the same as the standard 15 inch Gti wheel but 16 inch so they would looked a bit nicer. 

Aero style Wiper Blades which will make it look nicer as the old wipers were broken

floor mats and other various small things which would need doing 







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Well that was the plan... Within a month of getting the car i had to get: 

New B5 manual gearbox , the old one seized up as it had an oil starvation, within a couple of days i grabbed a new one which had 80000 on it and got a replacement bonnet and passenger side door in blue which were both in great condition

New idle control valve , the car started doing irratic idling , jumping from 500 RPM up to 2000RPM with a cheery bomb exhaust it is somewhat noticeable in standing traffic 

New clutch Kit

New timing belt , i didn't know this but the garage pointed out it was the original timing belt and had never been changed 

Before anything else could go wrong gave it a good service all round service  oil change with new filter 

Achieved new Aero Wiper Blades and floor mats which were genuine Ford floor mats... 





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Between November and now nothing mechanically has gone wrong (except replacing the fuel cap lock as the key broke inside the lock)  , but during the depths of winter i could tell the cars body work was suffering somewhat i continuously washed it frequently to keep it clean . I got the A piller sorted on the drivers side..  which wasn't cheap and decided to go through with getting the body work sorted. However i don't have the experience to work on it and with all that needed doing an independent body repair centre quoted £4000 and for a car I paid £500 for it seemed unlikely but in its current condition it wouldn't go through its next Mot and i had already spent a lot on it fixing it mechanically. 


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I looked around and found another place which would do the job cheaper at £3000 still a lot of money for whats its worth but i felt it was the right thing to do as i felt these cars are becoming a rare particularly being a GTi and 3 door Escort as i haven't seen another 3 door Mk6 for a long time, and i assume it would increase in value eventually... i would  have no intention on selling it as it ment an awful lot to me despite how much hassle it has caused me finically . 

 the project started 16th Febuary 2016: 

Here are a few pictures of her progress at the start of its restoration journey, there will be more photos to come but she has almost completely been striped luckily the inner wings looked good, but rear arches were terrible and the bolts which held the bumpers on had rusted away, sills were bad as expected, the replacement passenger door and bonnet could now be prepped and primed. 

Replacement wing and sill on driverside had been attached and getting ready for priming... 









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That's going to be a great project for you I wish I had the money and dedication to do it

See my parts for sale on thread "philf1s Spirit Blue Fiesta ST180 parts for sale"

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Car is now not far from completion driver side is completely finished in primer ready for base coat, passenger side has the rear and front wing and the sill in place getting ready for priming, passenger door is complete also. Mirrors, replacement bonnet and spoiler are complete with fully respray in the spray booth. Rear bumper and side skirts are both done and look brilliant. I also picked up the 16 inch Gti wheels which are waiting to be preped and put on the car. Im really looking forward to driving it again... 











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1 hour ago, Mattamoose said:

Looks great, you still got your spoked alloys ?

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Thanks,  its come a long way from when i first got her , but she is not to far from completion now. Sorry the spoked alloys are already sold in advanced.

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another week, car is fully painted in its Moondust silver Even with a layer of dust on the car it looks a lot more shinny than before. Rear bumper and light clusters are now attached. Its ready to be put all back together..







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Looking good - also brings back memories, my first ever Escort was a 5-door Escort Freedom, P-reg.

I always remembered how easy it was to over-steer if I got a bit adventurous and so many flooding issues (which never got resolved) but sadly I had to let it go because the battery box and sills were shot to pieces, nice car to be in though and very practical.

I'm glad you're saving this one though (and doing a good job of it), they're getting rare now.

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She is complete!   after just over 6 weeks of work the Escort Gti is looking brilliant and nice to know I have saved this one. New sills, front wings, rear arches  passenger door and bonnet with a great respray job with its original moon dust silver. Also with now  refurbished Mondeo 16inch wheels and new front disc brakes and pads all thanks to the help of Banningham Garage who have helped me all the way from the start. New tyres and MOT tomorrow . I really hope she passes...  





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Thank you  :smile:. Achieved her new tyres today Nexen low profile R16 195 45 instead of the 205 55 tyres which is the typical mondeo size ,i took it for a nice drive today I can defiantly feel a difference while going round corners it is a lot better controlled. But it didn't pass its MOT , I thought I covered everything but somehow failed on an unsecure battery which will need to be bolted back down I didn't notice this and a broken front spring on the front passenger side which was close to the top of the strut however it had no adviseres.  Bought myself a pair of front springs ready to be put on the car. I was hoping to go on holiday tomorrow in the Escort but its not happening, its a bit  annoying but I will sort this out when i get back on Monday, for now she is having a rest...





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On 30 March 2016 at 7:11 AM, JC600 said:

We always miss something, least it's only a couple of small things. :)

Yeah overall it didn't fail badly... I'm sure if I toke the car in  before its body work and the new brakes and tyres it would be a completly different outcome.   the Garage I went to get it MOT'd said its the first Escort they have seen in a long time , as they arn't common where I live there are still a few Escort van's of a similar vintage around but havn't seen much else. 

I have come back to get her sorted...  she is back in the garage going to get her new springs fitted and the battery sorted for her MOT hopefully she will have an MOT and everything by the end of tomorrow which would be brilliant :) 

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