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Hi all


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Hi all, 

Been sc(t)rolling the site for a few weeks reading up what mods/conversions peeps have done, liked the banter and clear sound advice so Decided to join up.

Bit about me... I'm male, in me 30's and a boy racer at heart, I say boy racer with a smile as I've never owned a racing car nor a car with anything aftermarket, not even seat covers. My 1st car was a F reg fiesta popular 1.1 in red. Was a total skip but cost me nothing as it was given to me, that lasted about 18month till a gasket split and I was !Removed! oil like a Saudi well. I've had a few different cars over the years (A Clio campus 1.1, Vauxhall corsa 1.2, and a tinny fiat 1.1 punto) These all either broke so much it was cheaper to scrap it and buy another !Removed! heap or I blew it up. I have driven bigger cars but cautiously and safely as insurance is only 3rd party and I'm not a rich guy.

In 2012 went to a fords dealership just to see what I was able to afford. Ended the day with a white 5dr 09 plate 1.4 Zetec. I was overjoyed with it and it became my prized possession after the missus of course, became a ritual to clean it on my days off as I liked it shiney, even had my own bucket with sponge, bubbles and shammy dedicated to the car. Then in April 2013 not even a year later it was taken in a spat of car thefts in the area by some scum bag. I didn't have any of the gap insurance so basically lost my deposit and any money I had in collerateral as the insurance would only just pay the finance so I was back to 2002 when I first passed my test..... No car. And no freebies going.

i returned to fords with my sob story and asked what they can do for me. With a £50 deposit and an extra £20 a month on the finance I was able to secure a 2013 fiesta 1.25 zetec 3dr in racing red..... I was back on the road. This car unfortunately didn't get the care I gave the first on the outside but I did keep it nice and tidy. A couple of weeks ago I took it back and part exed it for a 2014 fiesta titanium 1.0 ecoboost in frozen white and also with them back doors. I'm sure white does something to me as I fell in love with it on the test drive. I've had it now for over a week and cleaned it once so far so I guess I'm gettin into old habits already.

i would like to mod the hell outta the engine bay but know I wouldn't be able to insure it. I plan on interior upgrade mods with lighting and possible trim pieces, possibly a body kit and painted wheels. Tbh the outside looks smart already and just needs a badge overlay in white.

All ive done so far is add arctic blue LEDs to the foot wells ambient lighting which looks cool.. Pardon the pun.

my next step is wind deflectors, not sure yet if it'll be heko or climair any recommendations      welcome, gel overlays for front and back badges, seen some nice chrome add ons available for air vents and switches in the cab that I'm debating about. Seen some nice looking headlight lids/brows and I wanna change the grill in some way and I have a few ideas.


think that's about it so far without adding any pics.

hope you all have a great Easter bank holiday and drive safely if your out.





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