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Battery Oddness


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Hi folks, quick question about the battery in the Mk3 focus. I bought the car coming up for 4 weeks ago. Since then I have used it nearly every day and done around 1k miles in it (one 500 miles weekend trip, a couple of 100 miles trips and short commuting Mon-Fri). When I picked the car up it was warning of a low battery, which I kind of expected as it had been sitting for at least 6 weeks on the forecourt. Picked it up and drove the 200ish miles to Newcastle with no issue other than start stop not kicking in. Start stop then kicked in the following day (no low battery on start up), but did not kick in at all on the trip back. When we got back on Sunday night I spent around 20min retuning the DAB radio (engine off but radio on). I stopped after 20min as the car complained of a low battery again. Weird I though...    

The following weeks start stop has been working fine after the car is warmed up and it is more than around 8°C outside (a guess). There has been a few occasions where I thought it would kick in, but didn't. I do understand that start stop is rather picky about things. 

My main concern however is occasionally I will sit in the car with the radio on (nothing else) if I am having a quick lunch or waiting on someone. This has never caused a problem in any other car I've driven, but in the Focus, after around 30min it throws an error saying "warning, low battery". This happened on Sunday, so I started the car and headed off. Got about 1/4 of a mile before I stopped at traffic lights, and start stop kicked in. 
Now my understanding is that Start stop does not kick in if the battery is low, so why did it tell me the battery was low 2min before allowing start stop to activate? 

Any suggestions? 

I have reported this to the garage I bought it from, but they have been pretty unhelpful regarding replacing the damaged badged/parcel shelf and missing battery cover. The parts have now all been ordered apparently, but I've still to get a date when I can bring the car in to get the battery/alternator checked. Even then, I am not convinced they will tell me there is a fault with the battery even if there is one. So I'd like other opinions on it if possible? 

My other option is taking the car to the Perth Ford dealer and asking them to check it, any had any dealing with Macrae & !Removed!? 


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You need the battery testing with a stop start battery tester, normal tester wont give correct state.

You can try resetting the battery monitor , incase someone  has charged battery off vehicle , 

you want to have a go at reseting battery monitoring, just do as follows


Ign on for 10 secs, press rear foglight switch 5 times, press hazzard switch 3 times, wait 10 secs. Battery light flashes. Ign off


use car, and see if that fixes it.



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