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2016 Fiesta ST3 on it's way!


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Hi all.

We were going back to a Renaultsport, had a few already, but decided to test drive the Fiesta ST3 on a whim and wow, we loved it!!


So, at £16295 for a brand spanking Frozen White one c/w Style Pack, it was a no-brainer. Looking forward to the ownership and possibly a Mountune 215 upgrade once it's done some miles.


Picking it up this Saturday but unfortunately at a wedding all day so I have to wait to get my hands on it to get it detailed before it see's the light of day.


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Picked it up today in the sunshine, 6 miles on the clock so it must've been stood in the compound.

The paint looks in very good nick to say they cleaned it prior to pick up, the wife forgot to tell them not to valet it.

At a wedding today so it'll have to wait for me to polish it and seal it. Products of choice for this colour will be -

Polish - Carpro Essence on MF finishing pad.

Sealant - Carpro CQUK + Reload to finish.

Trim and vinyl - Solution Finish

Wheels - Artdewheel sealant

Glass - AF Crystal to clean as I don't seal the glass.


2016-08-06 09.36.23.jpg

2016-08-06 09.36.32.jpg

2016-08-06 09.36.43.jpg

2016-08-06 09.37.00.jpg

2016-08-06 09.37.23.jpg

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