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GPS Module even in non-nav-equipped Fiesta?


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Having connected up Forscan to have a nose around I've noticed that my car has a GPS module fitted despite me not having got the navigation option:

GPSM - Global Positioning System Module
Part number: DE8T-19H463-BB
Strategy : DE8T-14F055-BB

I was wondering therefore if the GPS module is still active - perhaps used to give a location input to Ford Sync's Emergency Assistance feature? I had previously thought it wouldn't have provided a location; relying instead on the emergency service's cell tower triangulation capabilities.

Does anyone know any info about this?

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Thanks for confirming that Karl. As is often the case with questions posted to forums no sooner had I put it up did I found this from the NCAP summary of it:


This GPS location is taken from the on-board GPS module which is standard equipment of every vehicle having SYNC.

Will try the INFO suggestion tomorrow and see if that works!

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