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Car not starting/turning over

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Hi everyone. 

I have a 13 plate 1.0 Ford Fiesta. When I started it yesterday it wouldn't start all (wouldn't turn over at all) after turning the ignition on and off several times it eventually started. This morning it again didn't start and I couldn't get it started at all. When it turn the key all the way round nothing happens and I get warning lights on the dashboard (battery, engine oil & engine malfunction). Called my breakdown cover and a mechanic came out and got it started immediately! He said nothing was wrong with it or the battery and said I might need to wiggle the key and pump the clutch when I turn it on. I shouldn't have to do this on a 4 year old car!

Reluctant to take it to a Ford garage as they'll charge a bomb before even looking at it. Anyone got any ideas? I can post a video of me trying to start it if it helps. 

Thanks for your replies. 

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does it have stop/start (where the engine stops when you pull up at the traffic lights)?

obviously cars that have this use the starter motor a huge amount compared to those that don't and hence the starter motors will wear out a lot quicker than other cars. You might save money on petrol and can feel good about reducing pollution but there will be a price to pay in starter motors.

but it could be faulty ignition lock/or the electrical switch part at the back of the lock meaning it is intermittent.

do you have to press clutch down before you turn the key (like on my 2015 fiesta). Possible that the electrical switch on the clutch pedal has intermittent fault. But on mine if I turn key without pressing clutch pedal I get a message on radio display telling me I need to press the clutch pedal

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if it was my car --- I would remove the plastic shroud around the ignition lock so you can access the electrical connector on the back of it.

I would then identify which two wires (using wiring diagram) get connected when you turn the key to start, then if nothing happens when turning the key I would bridge those two wires. If it then starts it would indicate a problem in the ignition switch.


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The 'start inhibit relay' in the battery junction box would be a good place to help diagnose this issue. it has inputs from the ignition switch, PCM module (it serves the inhibit function to prevent starter motor engagement in certain scenarios) and the 30A supply (via Fuse 11) for the starter motor solenoid and the output to it.

Of course, it might even be the relay itself. That would be the ideal situation given the ease of repair (by replacement).

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