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Shall i Upgrade my 6000 CD Head Unit? [Audio Upgrade]

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Hi all,

First of all i have already posted this in Audio and Electronics but have had no responses yet, so sorry for the repost.

I am thinking about swapping out the head unit to something with a bit more punch and clarity (if this is possible). With the stock audio system, the audio gets very distorted on higher volumes when using the aux (i don't listen to the radio). Also the built in aux port has alot of wear and can cut out depending on how i position the 3.5mm jack.

My insurer (co-op young drivers) said swapping out the head unit doesn't count as a modification, only if i add an amp or change the Speakers is it then considered a vehicle mod. So i want to swap out the existing Ford 6000 CD to something a bit better, which includes bluetooth and a USB port for charging. Will changing the head unit to something more premium improve the audio clarity and volume? Any suggestions?

I found that the 6000 cd outputs 20w per channel after some googling. Do you think it is worth my time upgrading the head unit?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated,


(My car: Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.25 2008)

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It would improve the sound quality slightly, but I doubt it will stop the clipping. It's probably your Speakers that need replacing but you would need an aftermarket head unit to take full advantage of them. There's no ppint upgrading to a higher wattage output if the Speakers can't handle it.

Basically to get the best sound quality you'd need a new head unit and Speakers.

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