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Very loud constant creaking not caused by road bumps. 63 plate Fiesta

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Hi all.

I've created an account to post this question. From Google I found a few threads about creaky Fiestas but mine seems different in that it's not bumps that make it creak (it does do that creak in cold weather thing but this is unrelated), it's just an almost constant, very loud creak when driving. I did take it to Kwik Fit and they couldn't find anything wrong but after a trip from Liverpool to North Wales and back today it's much much worse. Maybe creak is the wrong word but best I can think of to describe the noise. It happens at high and low speeds, maybe worse at high speed in that it's more constant, but is just as loud at low speed. It's driving me completely potty. Any ideas that I can mention to Kwik Fit would be much appreciated. It's a 63 plate Style 1.6 Eco Diesel. Thank you.

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