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Vinnie's Project Log

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so back in 2008 passed my test and had the taste for ford in the form of a 1.1 fiesta, this had to go too many problems, so wanted another ford but no luck, settled for a nissan 1.5, and i must say excellent car well built never missed a beat, however again due to high mileage it suffered and soon couldnt keep up, i decided i was going go back to ford, looking in the focus ST however with fuel prices rising and doing 250+ miles a week it wasnt finacially viable

so i welcome you all to Vinnie


Ford Focus Mk2.5 zetec 100 1.6

so that my car... what shall i do with it, lets begin

1) as i like my audio and music the first mod was the headunit


the added bonus of this was bluetooth, dvd player, games and satnav

2) install my 12" 1000w Sub from my previous car,


from previous bad experience with subs and audio equip and batteries (being young and dumb) i fitted a switch in the remote lead to give me the option of turning the sub on or off whenever i wanted,
i took advantage of the cigarrete socket and with some info from Stoney i found a office cable tidy that reduced the hole to allow for a alternate push button with red led from overclockers.


3) The rear view camera, this was another feature of the new headunit, after some anoying wiring issues finally got it working



4) the illuminated ignition ring and the footwell lights (which the looms were not fitted)



5) unfortunately when fitting the wiring for the ignition ring i broke the interior light, however stoney came to the rescue and had a upgraded light including map lights unit he wasn't using and agreed to send it out foc thanks

thats was fitted along with the 3 led bulbs


6) Reverse Cree q5 bulb


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Looking good mate. Loving the ignition ring. Its a good idea having the on/off switch for the sub i never thought of that before might wire one in the next time i fit a sub :)

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thanks guys yes ill be taking the remaining pics tomorrow to upload

the switch i am very proud of prob my fave mod so far, and as for the switching the sub its the best idea yet well worth it

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looking good so far fella and look worwared to seeing the foci progress.

just 1 question did your focus come with the footwell lights or did you put them in your self?

as i have heard all focus come with them but ford did not bother puttng bulbs in and if so what bulbs would fit

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Cheers b4zz my focus didn't come with them fitted so I had to make a loom up myself and I fitted 5w5 led bulbs also had to buy bulb holders

On a side note ive just bought a cree q5 fog light bulb and a elm cable

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Yh loads better, yh fitting was simple started with the rubber to make sure they wouldn't come off then put it the covers on

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ah yes meir, not far from the stadium really

btw dan when you going to fit illuminated ignition ring and footwell lights to ya fiesta :P

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