Ford Fiesta 2002 Automatic Help!

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Hi Guys! 

Any help would be massively appreciated 

I have a Ford Fiesta 2002 Semi Auto. Recently the first problem came about whilst driving the car lost power and came up with an EAC error. Ever since then it has been intermittently kangaroo/juttering randomly. When this happens it tends to happen after stopping at say a traffic light. It will jutter and not let me pass 5ph. Also when this happens it takes a few attempts to turn it back on. Drives fine apart from this at random times...also have noticed that one time when this happened it displayed a engine light and another time a gear box fault... Have replaced bits in the car and changed oil.. if anyone has any ideas as to what this could be?? Wasn't showing any faults when plugged in at the garage (this being before the 2 to warning lights appeared and disappeared).  Thanks in advance!! Really would love to keep this Car!!!!!

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From memory this used to be caused by a dirty, sticking throttle body.

Clean it and see if that helps

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