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Over heating, limp mode problem

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Hi, I bought my 2015 Ford Kuga in March 2020, it broke down in November which resulted in the car needing a new engine, turbo, radiator and flywheel luckily I took out warranty. They had the car 4 weeks then gave me it back saying it was fixed, 2 days later the same fault happened again where when I'm driving the engine starts to overheat and the car loses power, I took it back in to Ford who said the coolant pump needed replacing, after they did that I drove around 2k miles before it started happening again. Since then they have replaced the active grill and told me it's fixed again. The same thing happened again today. Does anyone know what the problem could be as Ford don't seem to have a clue. It's had almost £7000 of parts replaced in under a year and I'm starting to get really stressed out with it now. 


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