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Hi everyone I am currently trying to find the fast Ford magazine that my Ford Sierra hatchback was in. Not sure what year it was published but I know the car originally came from Cloughmills, Northern Ireland and there was an article about the car that I’d like to get my hands on just to go with the car if I ever sell it. Was told by a couple of old people that they seen the car in it, the REG of the car is F328 TCV, if anyone could get the original magazine I’d love to buy it off them

Many thanks Danny Huey 

Picture for attention to see if anyone recognised it 


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49 minutes ago, dannyhuey99 said:

Man bought the car out of England as far as I know unofix but kept the reg 

Last time we were over in NI (shortly before Covid) I was surprised at the number of cars with English plates, quite a few Yorkshire ones. Folk I asked about this told me it was cheaper to pop over the water to buy used cars as prices were cheaper than locally.

Don't know if that's still the case with the crazy things happening to used car prices at present?


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Back in 1988 the rules on using English registrations in Northern Ireland were different, maybe @StephenFord will remember what they were. One thing is for sure you would have to have a death wish to be driving an English registered vehicle in NI back in the 80's.

The company I worked for at the time in the 80's used to use Vauxhall Caviler's and later Vauxhall Vetra's except our guys in NI who we used to specially get Opel versions just to help them be less 'English'.

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27 minutes ago, unofix said:

... you would have to have a death wish to be driving an English registered vehicle in NI back in the 80's.

You struck on the very reason LOL Any car with an English style registration was treated with extreme suspicion, before being blown up! Similarly, if you ever drove 'south' with an NI plate, extreme care was needed where you parked your car! Aahhh... they were heady times 😁

Nowadays, an English registered car over here is just treated with simple contempt, as they all think they have immunity to speed limits etc LOL (they don't!)

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