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Selling Car With Broken Cam Belt - Struggling


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Some of you may know from my other thread, that I recently changed cars to a Y reg Focus.

My old car is a 03 plate megane. It's a nice blue one, 5 door, alloys, 6x CD player, only 55k miles etc...

It passed MOT 2 weeks ago, and has road tax, new wheels 2 weeks ago and coils, etc...

Problem was the cam belt snapped whilst driving. I was about to sell it and its not viable to repair this ATM.

It's on eBay at the moment. 4 days left and it's been stuck on around £200 for a day now. I know there's loads of time left.

Is this the best way to sell it?

What should I expect to sell the car for? I was hoping for 500-600 - maybe that's ambitious? I did pay 2500 for it a year ago - although I know that's my issue.

Just wanted your opinions - thanks everyone

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Not had a quote.

Few reasons:

- the car has caused me a lot of stress and hassle, I've had enough of sorting out things with it. Probably why megane's (or renault) have a bad rep!

- the insurance runs out in 3 weeks

- if I fixed engine no doubt there would be more problems - it's the way of the car!

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eBay would be my first port of call to sell a car with an issue like that. A lot of trade people scour it to pick up cars either to fix, use as donor vehicles or for parts. I sold a couple of my Brothers cars on there for him that had past their life expectancy.

Most bids come through in the last 20 minutes or so, but you are still going to be reliant on a few people wanting it to push the price up. How many people are watching it at the moment?

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