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Mk2.5 (2010) Retrofit Armrest


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Hello guys,

I've recently started a project to retrofit an armrest to my Mk2.5 (facelift) focus.

My first attempt was with a console that came from a MK2 focus, however i later realised that this was not suitable for my car because the top part around the gear stick was glued in place. My car is a RHD and the part ordered was for a LHD (silly me).

For my second attempt, i ordered a console with armrest from a Mk2.5 which did not include the part around the gear stick and the cup holders. I am hoping that this will suit both RHD and LHD.

My questions are as following:

1. Will it fit? In this version of the arm rest, there is no note about the location of the steering wheel as you would find in previous versions.

2. Does anyone know the product code for a console top part (something like this) but not in carbon and in LHD version? I cannot find such a part on eBay so i'll probably try at a dealer. Is the price reasonable, or is it extremely expensive?

3. Does the lid below the ashtray come as extra? Do you have a product code and price?

4. The console i received had some wiring for a FoMoCo 8M5T-15K603-KA. This is some sort of an antenna. Any idea what it is?

5. The console also has wiring for a cig lighter under the arm rest. The other side of this loom has some sort of a plug. Do you think it will be a case of plug-and-play or will i need special wiring to make the lighter work?

Thanks for reading. Any help will be much appreciated.

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I have no idea what was glued but the mk2 console isnt glued around the gearstick the mk2 and 2.5 consoles are interchangeable the ashtray lid is expensive eithet from dealers eBay the wiring may be for a start button or 12v power supply

The cig lighter should be plug and play

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From what i've seen so far, in the MK2 version the plastic around the gear is glued in place and cannot be removed easily, whereas in the MK2.5 it is linked to the cup holders.

They are interchangeable but since i have a LHD car, i cannot use the old version if i buy the part from the UK. If i use the new version, i'm hoping to use the part i got from eBay and then buy just the console top from a dealer to reduce the cost. Is that possible?

To clarify:

I name MK2 version the one that the armrest can be lifted or oppened to reveal a tiny storage area for the driver and passenger and there is something like a drawer for the passengers in the back seats.

The MK2.5 version should be the one that there is a large storage area under the armrest for the driver and passenger and just a little whole for the passenger in the back seats.

I might be wrong in the naming of the items.

MK2.5 (in the red area goes what i call console top):


Weird part (Antenna?):


Loom plug (will it be plug-and-play?):


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Right, so i got some more parts for this mod and i believe it would be nice to post some images and the product codes that could possibly assist someone interested. Unfortunately i do not have the finis numbers.

To start with, we have the central console which is the same for RHD and LHD cars. The product code is 8M51-R045M62-AC32N4


The console has an extra part under the arm rest which holds the USB and the AUX port.


It can also include an antenna underneath, however i still don't know the use of it. The product code for that is 8M5T-15K603-KA


There is a connector on the front of the console. I am pretty sure my car has the loom for it, however i will have to install it to be sure it is working properly.


When buying from breakers or eBay, they might not include the handbrake cover. This part seems to be shared between RHD and LHD. The product code is 8M51-A044L49-ACW


You then need the console top part which includes the whole for a cig lighter or the push button to start the engine. This is different between RHD and LHD. This part comes in different colors.


For RHD in the color shown in the images, the part number is 8M51-A045M19-BC1E3H while for LHD the part number is currently unknown to me since i have not bought that yet!

Finally, you need the side panels that go next to the driver's and passenger's feet. Those are once more different between RHD and LHD. Also, they are different than the ones used if you do not have an arm rest. In the image below, you can see the differences between them. The one on top is for the arm-rest version.


LHD Without Arm rest

Left side (Driver side) : 4M51-A046B27-AEW

Right side (Passenger side) : 4M51-A046B26-AEW

RHD With Arm rest

Left side (Passenger side) : 8M51-A046B26-BAW

Right side (Driver side) : 8M51-A046B27-BAW

If / when i manage to put them all together and validate that they actually fit, i can post some images or a guide...

In the mean time, it would be nice if someone could enlighten me about the antenna part

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oh great, i have just purchased an armrest and after seeing this post i'm dreading fitting it and having isues like you have George.

I did find a itting guide on another forum:


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Well apart from the fact that i am trying to complete the mod in a LHD car while being in the UK, i do not have any other major issues. Plus, it seems a relatively easy mod.

Keep in mind that the one shown in the guide is the old version of the arm rest. That version cannot be easily changed from RHD to LHD because the console top is glued in place.

Also, i consider it a bit useless because the main compartment in that, is at the rear seats.

I hope you purchased the new version...

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ah! nice one then.

It looks like it has all the important parts. It should be an easy mod for you then!

Good luck with it and let us know of the outcome.

By the way, did it come with the mounting bracket?

The old version of the arm rest and the console without the arm rest, are both fastened directly to the body of the car. The new version of the arm rest has screws at the side instead, so you probably need this bracket as some sort of convertor. The product code in mine is 8M51-A045B34-AA.


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yeah, as i said that guide is for the old version of the arm rest.

Keep in mind that you will probably need to get this part to install it.

To clarify the differences:

Old version: The one with a really small container for the driver and passenger and a tray at the back.

New version: The one with the main compartment underneath the arm rest and a small area for the rear passengers

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  • 3 weeks later...

4. The console i received had some wiring for a FoMoCo 8M5T-15K603-KA. This is some sort of an antenna. Any idea what it is?

I think that's for the keyless entry.

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  • 1 month later...

Right, so after much wait, i finally installed the arm rest. (photos to follow)

The electrics were plug-and-play as my car already had the loom. I didn't install an armrest with audio or sensors, just two more power outlets.

My notes from the installation are:

1. The loom is taped on the left, above the kick plates. It wasn't very easy to free it.

2. I installed the kickplates from a RHD car to a LHD one. Their difference is not huge, and probably most people won't even notice it.

3. I had issues with the handbrake leaver, since it was getting in the way and couldn't free the old console, or install the new one. I thought of many solutions (remove the handbrake, loosen the cable and more) but i ended up simply pulling it more. Depending on the condition of the handbrake and how tight it is, this might not be an issue for others.

4. This is a relatively easy installation. Note however, that before you remove the old console, you need to remove 4 screws. Two in the front and two in the back. To access the front ones, you need to remove the gear gaiter and the big silver bezel.

5. My old gear gaiter was not compatible with the new one. The new console, requires a larger gaiter which i now need to source.

Any info on my last point, would be much appreciated.

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I too had the issue with the handbrake. You have to loosen its bolts to make it easier. I did it the hard way and cut through my old console. I only found out from the eBay seller a day late...

The gearstick surround was sourced from a member on here!

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You're best off keeping your eye out for a complete set of trim, gaiter and knob to save having to bodge the gaiter to fit your existing knob.

The mk2 knob is fitted to the gaitor with an elasticated ring that sits in a rim at the bottom whereas the mk2.5 one is sandwiched between the base of the knob and a very tight plastic collar.

The mk2 and 2.5 knobs have the same threads so both fit the stick just fine.

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Hey there.

I too have done this retro fit in the last week and i am having an issue. When I fitted the armrest I didn't realise that the rear of the console on the newer version didn't fit at the bottom like it did on my old, non armrest console, but at the sides. I carried on fitting and left it hanging loose thinking I could rig a piece of sheet metal at a later date.

Over the weekend while driving around I noticed that the connection between the console and the radio dashboard would come away and create an unsightly gap. After a bit of investigation it seems that the back of the console is sitting too low down. Thankfully I found this thread and I have ordered the adapter bracket direct from Ford this afternoon.

What I'm hoping is that this bracket will lift the rear of the console into the correct position. Did anyone else have this issue when fitting? Currently I have wedged a piece of plastic at the rear of the console to at least hold it in place for now.

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I didn't have such a problem. The back of my console sits properly on the ground.

My guess is that you might haven't secured a few clips between the console and the console top or that your console moves towards the back seats and that causes the gap.

When you secure the console with the bracket, you should be OK. Let us know of your outcome.

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Will do. Hopefully the bracket will be delivered to the dealer tomorrow, if not it will be Wednesday.

The other thing I'm having an issue with sourcing the 2 kick plates that are different between the armrest and none armrest versions. I can get them from ford direct but these are almost £80 for just the 2 pieces of plastic. That's almost as much as I paid for the entire centre console.

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