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Ford Escort Going For Rally Advice


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Hello guys, i am asking for some advice on what should i modify on my Escort MK 6 to make it rally ready, i am trying to conquer in historic rally.

The car specs are these at the moment:

-Escort MK 6

-1.6 16V

-90 BHP

I spoke with a couple of mechanics and they gave me some good ideas on what to change but i was wondering, and this is just an idea of mine, not sure if it is possible at all, but worth asking a question.

well the question is if i can modify my escort and make it from front wheel drive to 4X4. so i can get better handling and better times. If it is possible i would like to get some information as to how.

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it can be done but is a lot of work. The RS2000 came in 4wd variants you would need the whole drivetrain off that and use your engine, or you could fit a cosworth engine and gearbox and do a proper conversion.

If it was me tho for Rallying id just fit a limited slip diff and thrash the knackers off it, you'll be surprised how much more grip an LSD gives ya

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tbh you'd be lucky to get massive gains on that engine without spending big bucks

There's several 'better' engines that'll go straight into the mk6 than the 1.6 zetec, dunno about restrictions on races you wanna enter but I think the 2.0 zetec is a straight swap and that'd be a much better starting point than the 1.6

If you don't mind spending, this site may be worth a look: http://baileyperformance.co.uk/?page_id=7

They have on there a 1.8 zetec kicking out 239 bhp and a 2.0l zetec at 329bhp both with turbo conversions and megasuirt ECUs amongst other things, those guys're also pretty good with handing out advice if you're gonna do all the work yourself so it's worth checking them out

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